Cost Benefit Analysis

One efforts provides real benefits across departments.

Imagine that this year you extend your brand in such a way that you become a subject of long term interest to your various target audiences. You present your story, with images, and texture, and truth...and people ‘get’ your story and start sharing your story themselves. “Did you know...”

1. The cost of High Fidelity Story Telling® is likely less than a quarter of what your total organization spent on marketing communications and promotion last year.

2. High Fidelity Story Telling® serves multiple departments in your organization [as well as key external groups]. This single effort is funded and used by all departments. It strengthens your overall brand and provides pride of place across your people.

3. Human Resources has a problem – too many companies are competing for the same employee. High Fidelity Story Telling is used by your HR department for the retention and acquisition of employees.

4. Business Development is about introducing who you are and what you do in a compelling way. The due diligence stage is addressed when your new content is presented in a compelling way in the About Us area of your web site.

5. Suppliers are your partners. Imagine that because of High Fidelity Story Telling your suppliers now acknowledge your culture and proactively bring you new products or services.

6. High Fidelity Story Telling is not a risk because at the conclusion of each of the 5 stages you will have a tangible deliverable to leverage in your business.

7. If your organization is beginning a fundraising campaign High Fidelity Story Telling will provide all the touch points necessary for the altruism formula, particularly: Memorable Truth, the Event, the Keepsake, the Urgency/timeliness, the Ask, and the Thank You

High Fidelity Story Telling has texture and colour, mood and attitude. It involves all the sense and is designed to encourage residual memories - for the telling and retelling of stories.

We talk about how High Fidelity Story Telling involves more than 7 senses. Can you imagine?

Let's journey together.

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